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What information do I need to submit for financing?

To start the financing process, we typically ask for a completed application, authorization to check your credit and a Personal Financial Statement. 

Additionally, we may require that you email or fax us additional financial information such as corporate and personal tax returns for the previous two years, income statements for the previous two years and bank statements. 


What equipment do you finance?

We finance a variety of equipment in the construction, machine tool and granite fabrication industries.

This equipment can include excavators, loaders, cranes, CNC machinining centers, CNC lathes and stone working machines. 


How fast is the approval process?

This can take anywhere from a few days to a week for complicated transactions. This all depends on how quickly we receive the requested financial information from you and how quickly you return your signed documents to our office. 


Do I need insurance?

Yes, you are required to insure all pieces of equipment or machinery financed through United Financial Group, Inc.


Do you finance used equipment?

We do. This is based on the age and condition of the equipment.


Do you work with small businesses?

Yes! We love working with all companies, large and small. We have helped many small businesses get their start by helping them with financing. 


What monthly terms do you offer? 

We offer flexible terms from 36 to 60 months, depending on a variety of factors including the cost of the equipment. For customers that qualify for traditional bank financing, 


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